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Discuss Sociopreneur ,Tazkia Student Invite National Figures

Students held a seminar STEI Tazkia sharia economy by bringing in national figures. This time the event is presented by the Group of Islamic Economic Studies (KSEI) Progress. As for the theme, the Nation Building Prosperity Through Sociopreneur, housed in the Al-Hambra Hall STEI Tazkia, Thursday (03/17/2016).

No half-hearted, speakers who are experts brought in already poor across in their respective fields. Didien Hafidhudddin, Chairman Baznas 2010-2015. There is also Muhaimin Iqbal, owner Gerai Dinar well as co-founder of iGrow. And another speaker at this seminar, Zainal Abidin, or usually called Terrorist Jay, entrepreneurial motivator known as the terror of terror and has published 95 titles of books in Indonesia.

In the first session, the event lasts from nine to speaker Didien Hafidhuddin guided directly by Tazkia Biatumal director, Iwan, S.Thi.

In this session, Didien deliver zakat potential in building the welfare of the people. Zakat is considered as appropriate solutions offered Islam to the alleviation of poverty. He says also that the zakat fund community development most potential if executed properly.

The second session of the event, filled panel by two speakers, namely Muhaimin Iqbal and Zainal Abidin. The event was hosted by the chairman of KSEI Progress 2014-2015 period, Djabbar Sambudi.

Muhaimin Iqbal told a lot about the company that he pioneered, iGrow, a startup company that has been running for two years. He says that iGrow will be farmers with income world without landless. Participants who attended were given an explanation about startup companies, what, why and how the process.

If Muhaimin Iqbal provide entrepreneurial spirit through his experience, in contrast to Zainal Abidin. He expressed motivation of the terror-terror. Not only make participants out loud laugh at themselves, but he also made the participants heat to the words that brings.

Slightly quote one statement that was brought Zainal Abidin, " A monkey could earn money!," (jn)

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